Revitalize & Refinish Faded Hardwood Floors for a Lifetime of Happiness

shutterstock_1045498831Whilst doing routine hardwood flooring cleaning, you move rugs and furniture in the region simply to be reminded of your faded flooring. Time, sunlight, and everyday use can take a toll on your hardwood floors with time. Have no fear; your investment isn’t ruined. Allow the flooring professionals Floor Sanding Ealing restore your floors to its original glory with refinishing.

Refinish, Repair, and Recover Your Well-Loved Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is the signature appearance of your home. In order to keep it looking its best, it is crucial to care and maintain your flooring including refinishing. Direct sunlight on any item will cause fading and discoloration. Inspect your hardwood floors by lifting up an area rug to test for discoloration. Because we can’t control the sun, it is time to control our activities.

Ways to Recover from Sun Damage to Hardwood Floors

Physical Barriers

There are a number of options to control the amount of sunlight entering your home including dividers, outside landscaping, and tinted windows. Get creative with your area structures and colors to showcase and protect what you value most. Even rotating furniture throughout your home can assist in balancing light and vulnerability.

Chemical Treatments

Science and technology are constantly improving the quality of goods we use throughout our homes. Some stains arrive with UV-resistance properties to curb fading. Every floor differs, and also our GREENGUARD Certified stain options will be especially selected for safe and effective usage in your house or business.

Refinish Flooring

If the damage is too far gone, it is time to refinish flooring such as sanding, repairing, and restaining. Even though this can seem like an overhaul, it is really a measure in standard maintenance through the years. Use this as an chance to upgrade the joys of your house with a fresh stain to reflect your preference.

Just like any dwelling investment, hardwood floors require time, attention, and maintenance to reveal its brilliance. Improve the durability and beauty of hardwood floors with maintenance, repair, and trimming . Contact Ealing Floor Sanding 020 3151 8325 .


shutterstock_1156380481This video has been created in order to offer you an insight into wood flooring finishes. In particular it has been invented to provide advice and invaluable info. This video reveals guarded secrets of a professional floor sander.

It deals with the fact that when you hire a professional floor restoration Company you are instantly reassured. Time invested in identifying a professional, such as Absolute Floor Care is invaluable. You are then immediately offered confidence that you will obtain the best-achievable finish.

It then goes onto talk how wood flooring are unique. They are individual and it’s very important to understand the intricacies which could be faced when fixing and sanding timber flooring .

Furthermore it discusses the fact that wood floor recovery is an ever-evolving support. This is one of the most fascinating elements of our provision. It means that we have to keep ahead of new methods, products and technology.

Our Time-Served Secrets:

Among our secrets deals with the way in which we’re armed with in-depth information regarding wood finishes. The merchandise ranges are immense and it’s necessary that our clients are provided information that will additionally help them and their wooden floors. This does not mean they ought to be intimidated by science.

Another of our secrets offers an insight into the fact that different finishes provide varying looks. In addition to the fact that wood finishes shield your timber planks, distinct finishes will alter the look of your flooring. It is therefore important that the proper product is selected to achieve your requested look.

Please take a moment to look at our movie which further discusses anticipated usage, types, application and why a wood finish is required. If you’d like to discover more about our floor finishing providers please call now on 020 3151 8325.

Recommended Wood Flooring For Open Plan Areas

1A great deal of people dream about living the great life in a massive open plan room. Made popular in large part by dreamy attic apartments in big cities across the world, open plan living could be heaven on earth for all those folks who are clean, but hell on earth for all those people who possess a more casual way of being organised.

Tidiness aside, open plan living is a thrilling prospect and requires a little preparation to get it correctly. Thinking about things such as important and soft furnishings, what you will use to decorate your walls as well as color schemes all have their own rules in regards to open strategy. In this guide we will concentrate on making the ideal hardwood flooring options to maximise the charm and style you receive from your open living area.

There are a variety of things you want to think of when selecting your wood flooring to your open plan area. Here Are Only a Number of these:

  • Whether you have under floor heating
  • Traffic amounts
  • Budget
  • Colour
  • Board dimensions

The first few things on our list are all fairly quickly addressed and may be summed up so…For those who have under floor heating, then you just must choose engineered timber flooring (that is confirmed as appropriate ). If you will likely have heavy or high traffic, it is ideal to pick out a flooring which may be re-sanded and re-finished a range of occasions throughout its life. If you are tight on funding, the ideal strategy is to look around, negotiate and find a deal (that you will always find on our website J).

In regards to color and board size, this is where you can get really creative and make your open plan space seem a thousand bucks without investing an arm and a leg. Here is how we would approach the color and board size decision-making process if we had been floor an open plan room…


The colour you choose for your hardwood floors will play a huge role in the finished appearance of your space. If you would like to make a major statement, both white and black hardwood floors will tick your boxes for sure. But if you would like something which’s a little more conservative or something which you’re sure to not tire of, then picking something in between would be your safest bet.

Black wood flooring is really a fashion statement and looks fantastic in a modern, monochrome home and in bright chic or antique strewn open plan spaces. There are lots of options when you’re shopping around for black floors. For instance, you may opt to get a naturally dark wood, like this wenge wood flooring that’s brushed and UV oiled, as well as profiting from the DIY-friendly click-system of setup.

Though many people are fearful of white wood flooring, as a result of their notion that they’ll be mopping it all of the time, you truly don’t need to fear it and certainly will delight in this white and brushed oiled flooring at a great price in addition to from the knowledge that it will conceal the dirt as effectively as any other alternative.

All that said, sometimes people are fearful of making such a bold statement and for them, either a natural wood flooring colour or a gray coloured floor are a terrific compromise. The likes of the Natural engineered walnut London Grey UV Oiled wood flooring is perfect if you are eager to accomplish a true grey look for your wood floor at a great price. A classy and trendy solution, the UV filter implies that if your open area is washed in sunshine, you don’t need to worry about fading or color loss. This form of solution would look fabulous in either a big or little open space and surely isn’t something you will tire of.

Board size

Wood flooring board sizes have three components to them: depth, length and width. When it comes to picking the right style for your open area, you are more inclined to be considering the width and the length of the boards you choose in relation to the thickness. Nevertheless, if you have under floor heatingsystem, you need to be careful to pick a thickness which will allow the heat to pass and that’s recommended for use with under floor heating. A good flooring provider can allow you to make the ideal option.

If people consider open strategy, they are inclined to think of big spaces, but of course as most of studio owners will know, this isn’t always the case. Some open design spaces are small and some are big; that is a fact of life. Seeing the right choice of board width, at Floor Sanding Ealing, we’ve engineered wood flooring which ranges in width from 110mm to 240mm. This means is that regardless of what width of plank you fancy, we shall more than likely get it in stock.

This is sometimes accurate, but is not always the situation. In case you’ve got a little room and you wish to make it appear larger you are able to attain it by picking a thinner board, but in precisely the exact same time, a wide board is able to look very trendy. The exact same is true for large open plan spaces. A lot of men and women believe a significant area should have broad boards, but obviously this should not be the situation. The trick is to become creative and creative.

When exploring your flooring choices, you are very likely to develop against both fixed and random duration planks. While arbitrary boards are somewhat more common and normally less expensive than fixed duration planks, it is possible to select up rigid length planks from time to time and they may be really powerful in little open plan spaces.

If you would like help to produce the right wood flooring decisions for your open space, why don’t you get in contact? In Floor Sanding Ealing we enjoy nothing more than accompanying our customers on their wood flooring journeys and helping them ensure they make the right decisions for their one of a kind endeavors.



rustic-living-roomEngineered hardwood floors has become ever more popular with homeowners lately because of its low cost. Rustic is generally considered lower grade and contains more imperfections than prime standard wood. But not all of you know there are a number of things that you can do if you’d like your rustic wood floor to have a prime appearance. We’d like to show you major differences between various wood flooring ranges, and also present interesting ideas of how to get a prime hardwood flooring look at a minimal cost of a rustic flooring.

Throughout the lumbering procedure wood is categorized into one of four different categories corresponding to wood floors ranges . This categorization is dependent upon the looks of timber and the sum of sap it comprises. Prime grade wood flooring are made from prime grade wood, which has an extremely uniform colour and grain, and contains little or no knots or sap.

When it comes to rustic tier wood flooring, it is made from rustic grade wood. It’s natural variations in coloration and minor imperfections, like moderate grain, streaks or uncoated bevel, in addition, it includes quite a lot of knots and sap.

When thinking about the purchase from the financial perspective, the costs of prime grade timber flooring are considerably high when compared to pastoral grade. Low price is among the aspects that influences the choice of many men and women who go for rustic grade wood flooring. If you’re on a strict budget, but still want to get a prime appearance, there are numerous ways to attain this goal. Read on to find out the best way to do that.

1) Go for rustic hardwood floors with excitement.

2) Buy some fancy carpets, putting them in such a way as to draw focus away from the floor.

3) Think about signature furniture pieces which are modern and visually attractive.

4) it is also possible to pick an obsolete or distressed choice, which is eye-catching and look fabulous.

Be enthusiastic

If you are seeking a low-cost solution, it’s not a fantastic approach to buy it and at the hickory-rustic-plank-wood-flooringsame time repent that you can not purchase a more expensive alternative that you prefer.

Looking for rustic wood flooring, you’ll most certainly manage to find an option which suits your budget and fulfills all your expectations. Having made the decision, be enthusiastic about your new flooring and do not hesitate no more pondering whether that was a fantastic option or not. After all, why spoil the pleasure that you get from purchasing it and decorating your apartment!

Go for carpets

Picking pleasant eye carpeting rugs will make your room look great and appealing, adding appeal to a new rustic floor. There is plenty of different kinds and styles of rugs to pick from. Those may be shag or Persian design rugs, contemporary or traditional ones, uniform or colourful, or rugs with floral or geometric design.

Butapart from visual aspects there are also practical aspects that need to be thought about. Before buy always make sure they are slip resistant. If they’re not outfitted with anti-slip safety strips by default, you can add such a strip at the back of your carpet.

Signature furniture

You are able to attain a prime appearance even in the event that you opt for rustic wood flooring. Get several really outstanding pieces of furniture. You may choose any design you want, such as classic, modern or retro. A stunning modern one-of-a-kind couch with accent stitching, or a stunning stylish armchair that delivers eye catching appeal and guarantees comfort and relaxation. A single piece of furniture can completely transform your room and allow you to attain the prime appearance you want.

Interesting finish

If you still can not help but regret that you had sufficient capital to get yourself a rustic floor rather than something more elegant and expensive, go for a floor with an intriguing finish. A white wash, stained, old, or distressed flooring will certainly stand out, looking good and adding charm to the entire room.


Prep-and-bufferWooden flooring creates a beautiful addition to any home, giving it a rustic yet fresh look. But, taking care of hardwood floors can be tough, especially if you’re dealing with worn or old wood. Sanding flooring is maybe among the most crucial tasks to undertake if you have wood floors. Sanding keeps hardwood flooring easy, eliminating any splinters which can be dangerous. It also keeps them gleaming rather than being caked in grime.

Sanding hardwood flooring by hand can be unbelievably hard and immensely time consuming, especially in the event that you don’t understand how to do it. You might actually end up damaging the floors if you do not sand them correctly. Instead, get the pros to sand your old and gnarled flooring for you. Here at Just Wood we not just sell beautiful brand new wooden flooring, but we also sand and also refurbish old wooden floors too.

We have decades of experience behind us that we draw on to provide you the best finishfloor-sanding (1) for your flooring. We are experts at sanding hardwood floors and ensure that you’re left with a sleek and secure floor with a gorgeous finish. For examples of our work take a look at gallery that shows finished floors as well as works in progress.

We can even update your flooring by staining them another colour. Some kinds of wood are much better to stain than many others, oak flooring being the very best form to carry to staining. Here at Floor Sanding Ealing we can counsel and stain your floor for you. This offers a whole new look to an area without having to take out and replace the flooring.

When we work we guarantee that security is our number one priority. We make sure we have proper ventilation and our equipment is used and stored safely. We treat our customers’ homes with respect and make sure that we clean up after ourselves. You’ll be left with a new-looking floor but no sign that we were there.

We supply our plumbing support into the East London region and beyond. If you are interested in getting your old hardwood flooring brought up to scratch, then contact us today. We offer a free consultation service where we discuss your requirements. You could even see our extensive portfolio and talk with our expert staff what the project will entail.

Call today to make your old floors look brand new!


11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nHardwood flooring is among the most effective ways to add beauty and style into your dwelling. For many decades, hardwood floors has been the preferred choice by most homeowners, as they are the ideal mix of performance and durability. By mistake or due to routine usage if your hardwood floors have been damaged then it is simple to refinish it and enjoy the like-new appearance.

At the time of purchasing, you’ll find various types of woods that are employed on your hardwood floorings. This includes oak which is one of the most popular forms and then maple, walnut, birch, beech and many others are utilized.

If you are planning to buy hardwood floors then you need to think about walnut and oak floors, as they offer several added benefits.

Oak flooring — This kind of wood is less costly and softer than walnut. In addition to this, it is also possible to tone it into almost any colour and modify the expression of the floors according to your preferences. You can also blot it with dark colors and give it a look of walnut. This choice is the most preferred by users.

Walnut floors — This wood is obviously dark and also an open grained wood. In addition to the, walnut is harder than oak which means that when you’ve installed walnut floors in your home then they will be together with you for several years. Nowadays, you will also receive imitations but these synthetic hardwood floorings will not offer the expression of natural walnut. You also need to look at how the flooring was produced, since it will also affect the overall appearance of this floorings.

Last, you can choose any one but ensure that you take proper care of your hardwood floorings, since it will help in prolonging the life length of their flooring.



If you’re searching to install new wooden flooring in your house, there are several things which you will need to take under account, although among first and most crucial things that you have to believe about is the actual kind of wooden flooring which you ought to put money into.

Wooden flooring popular with many modern homeowners include walnut, pine, ash, cherry and walnut, and every type boasts person qualities that are acceptable for different requirements.


Oak is one of the most frequently installed types of hardwood floors, as it is highly durable and therefore acceptable for rooms with a great deal of traffic. Provided it is cared for properly, oak hardwood flooring can serve as a beautiful addition to the home for quite a very long moment.


Pine flooring is another popular option, although since it has a low to medium density, it might not be suitable for installation in rooms which are subject to heavy foot traffic.


Like oak wooden flooring, walnut is tough wearing and therefore suitable for most rooms in the home. This flooring is usually a medium to dark brownish color.

So, before you go ahead and make that purchase, consider the particular requirements of the rooms in which you are likely to install the floors and make a sensible, well informed investment.



Using Bona Spray MopReal hardwood floors can not only make your home look beautiful but also increase the value of it and allow it to sell better. But it’s crucial that you maintain hardwood flooring in great shape so they don’t look tired and worn. But do not worry; this isn’t tough to do. Here at Ealing Floor Sanding we offer a few suggestions which, if you tackle them, will help keep your wood floors in excellent condition.

Avoid Water Wood Floors
Water can be quite damaging to hardwood floors; it can not just mark them but cause them to swell and cup. To prevent this make sure that you keep contact with water to a minimum. When mopping hardwood flooring be sure you ring the mop out as much as you can, this will make certain that the mop is only damp and won’t fall excessive water on the wood. Likewise in case there are any liquid spills on the ground be sure to clean them up immediately so they won’t damage the wood or stain it.

Clean Wood Floors Often
It’s important to clean wood flooring often but it’s important to clean them of the right way. Do not use any polishes or steamers as they may harm the wood, just use products which are particularly designed for wooden floors. From day to day you will not have to use these anyway. Wooden floors are easy to clean and only require a moving over with a broom or a vacuum cleaner having a hard floor cleaning option. This will clear the floor of dust and hair and the occasional wash with a damp mop should remove any stains, keeping your wooden floors in excellent condition.

Avoid Scratches and Marks
Perhaps the most significant way to protect flooring is to try and prevent marking or shutterstock_668610136scratching the timber. Some simple preventative steps can help; try the next to avoid damaging your hardwood flooring:

• when you have cats or dogs then be certain their claws are trimmed frequently so they don’t scrape the surface of the wood.

• Invest in certain felt protective pads to place under the legs of your furniture, they will protect the floor and halt the furniture from marking it. We market felt protective pads at very competitive prices.

• When cleaning the ground be sure to use a soft bristled broom as ones with hard bristles may damage it.

• Likewise, should you vacuum your hardwood flooring be certain you use a vacuum cleaner that has a hard floor placing as otherwise it can damage the floor.

• Avoid wearing stiletto heels on wooden floors as they may mark it. If you need to walk on timber floors in high heels then make certain that they’re in good repair and have the protective layer on the floor.


play-933478_1920We are back with a different product from the spotlight — the European oak Moscato in our ever-popular Chene collection. Among the hottest flooring lines, the Chene collection offers magnificent 7.5″ wide planks reminiscent of centuries old vineyards from the French countryside.

The Moscato’s rich cocoa and grey colour tones are further accentuated with medium sized colour variation — providing the perfect balance of character and modern style. This exceptional colour is timeless and can be utilised in a myriad of designs, evolving with changing trends and never going out of style.


Part of our Chene collection, the Moscato’s powerful 7.5″ wide boards can withstand heavy foot traffic. Its cable brushed feel make this floor a great solution for families with kids and pets.

Backed with Urbanfloor’s lifetime structural and 35-year finish warranty (see warranty info HERE for more details), you may pick the Moscato with assurance that its beauty will probably be around for years to come.


With a moderate plank breadth and modern brushed texture, the Moscato is a g


ey-brown. Whether you are a fan of a more traditional, clean appearance, or a daring high-contrast style — using this neutral palette, the design options are endless!

orgeous neutral choice for virtually any design aesthetic. The ideal medium color, the Moscato is infused with undertones of grey and traces of hon



We guarantee cleaner air for your loved ones. With regard to our company’s values, all our engineered wood flooring is proudly Floor Sanding Ealing certified along with the walnut Moscato is no exception. Floor Sanding Ealing certification is a voluntary, independent certification program which assesses and certifies that hard surface floor and the substances which they are created with are in compliance with stringent indoor quality emissions.

Sound Reduction in Wood Floors

Xlamfloor2Having wood floors installed in your home can be very useful. Wood is exceptionally durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, and adds to your home worth. Without the proper preparation, wood flooring can reflect sound waves readily and make your room a little noisier than you’d like. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing the wood floor that you dream about! Sound reduction can be planned for and achieved through the installation procedure, and you can take steps after setup if you want to. Let’s take a look at how sound reduction in wood floors works.


The ideal path to audio reduction is in isolating sound before it has a chance to reflect in a room. One means to do this is by installing a sound board beneath the subflooring. This acoustical board insulates sound vibrations and prevents them from bouncing around the area in the first place. Additionally, to further deaden sound, underlayments like mats can provide additional support in isolating sound. Your hardwood floor contractor can walk you through the different options available according to your own unique sound reduction needs.

If you presently have floors installed, out of ripping up the old flooring to put in fresh soundproofing materials, your most efficient option will be in your decorating options. Specific parts of furniture may be used to absorb sound waves and decrease the quantity of sound in your room. Upholstered sofas and sectionals are excellent at solid reduction in comparison with leather furniture. Fabric wall hangings and rugs rugs may also be utilized, if necessary, to further reduce the noise in a space with hardwood floors. You may also wish to try cloth curtains around your windows too.